• Lee University

    Department of Christian Ministries

  • Children’s Ministry

    The Children’s Ministry degree prepares students with the ability to work with children from birth-12 years of age and their families in church ministry. The curriculum equips students with an understanding of the spiritual, cognitive, moral, and social development of children while teaching the methods and components of effective ministry. Students will have the chance to study under the guidance of professors who bring a wealth of ministry experience to the classroom.

    Discipleship Ministry

    The Discipleship Ministry degree helps sharpen students understanding of “discipleship” and how vitally important the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) is to the life of the Christian Church. By utilizing Small Group philosophy, the Discipleship Ministry major will help you accomplish designing and implementing programs that build authentic community and biblical knowledge among the people with whom you will be ministering. Jesus’ command to “make disciples” is the Discipleship Ministry’s goal, and students will be prepared to do so when they graduate.

    Intercultural Studies Program

    The Intercultural Studies Program, with its intentioned intercultural approach to teaching missiology, serves the World Christian Movement by preparing students for mission and ministry both in the Majority World and also the secularized West. In the spirit of Matthew 28: 18-20, Intercultural Studies Program is committed to transforming individuals and communities in the power of the Holy Spirit through sound, effective, and cutting-edge missionary training.

    Pastoral Ministry

    The Pastoral Ministry degree prepares students to serve in the ministry role of senior, associate, and assistant pastor. These students can serve in the capacity of the local church, para-church organizations, and community chaplains. Students may choose either a B.A. (Greek language requirement) or B.S. program. Each of these programs includes a 150-hour internship in a local church under the supervision of a mentor or pastor. Since worship and social care are key ministry areas and concerns of the church, Pastoral Ministries offer classes on worship and social problems that provide the opportunity to study issues within each and to develop ministry principles based on biblical guidelines.

    Youth Ministry

    The Youth Ministry degree is designed to prepare students for the specific ministerial role of working with adolescents in a variety of settings, including local church and para-church ministries. The Youth Ministry degree is a hybrid of the Discipleship and Pastoral Ministry degree, because much of what a youth pastor does involves both areas. Youth Ministry, as a vocational ministerial calling, is in high demand in many denominations and is typically one of the first staff positions added by senior pastors.