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    Held June 22-27, Lee University Music Camp 2015 is for students entering grade 9 through those entering college as freshmen.
    Music Camp 2015 offers an experience in learning about music that will enhance musical skills and knowledge.
    These musicians will have the opportunity for ensemble experience in piano, choir, chamber strings, band and jazz combos.
    Study in music theory and music history is provided as well as opportunities to focus on specialized areas of interest.
    Members of the Lee University faculty and visiting professionals serve as camp faculty.
    The camp staff is chosen from graduates or current students of Lee University.


    Each camper will chose one of the five tracks to follow in camp:

    The Music Lovers Track is open to vocalists and instrumentalists in piano, choir, chamber strings, and band. Participation on this track includes ensemble experience, classes in music theory and music history, specialized seminars, voice classes for the vocalists, and instrumental classes for the instrumentalists. The instrumentalists will receive a 30-minute private lesson.

    The College Prep Track is available for vocalists and instrumentalists (wind, string, piano, and percussion) who are entering their junior year or higher. Those on this track will receive two private lessons (a total of 60 minutes), ensemble experience, classes in music theory and music history, and a college prep class in aural skills. An audition DVD is required with the application for acceptance to this track.

    The Worship Leader Track is offered for those interested in leading worship. Participation in this track includes ensemble experience, classes in music theory and the aspects of worship, a “hands on” worship leading practicum, voice classes for the vocalists, and instrumental classes for the instrumentalists. The participants on this track will lead the camp in a worship service on Friday night.

    The Jazz Track offers an in-depth study of jazz. Specialized master classes and studies in jazz theory, jazz history, and improvisation help the musician expand their understanding of the art of jazz. Performance experience is offered in small combos

    The Piano Track is for upcoming junior or senior high school pianists or incoming college freshmen that have been accepted on the College Prep Track. Those on this track will take classes in music theory, music history, aural skills and special topics that relate specifically to the pianists. A 60-minute private piano lesson is included. Participation in the Piano Track is determined by the unedited audition DVD for the College Prep Track. The deadline for Piano Track applications is May 15.


    Students are housed on campus in dorms with camp staff assigned to each floor. Campers will need to bring bedding and towels.
    Meals are served in the university dining hall, beginning Monday evening and ending with breakfast on Saturday morning.
    The non-resident campers will be offered the opportunity of purchasing a $90 meal card for the dining hall (in addition to the camp fees).
    Information about other eating options for the non-resident campers will be available.

    Daily Schedule

    Each day begins and all-camp chapel at 8:20. At 9:00 everyone attends a music theory class, or, if on The Jazz Track, jazz theory class.
    The remainder of the day, depending on the track, is spent in rehearsals, music history classes, seminar classes, aspects of worship classes, master classes, or aural skills classes. After the evening concert, each day ends with small group devotionals held in the dorms, after curfew.


    Every evening, beginning with the camp orientation meeting, a concert is presented.
    These concerts will spotlight piano, vocal, instrumental, and jazz music and feature musicians from Lee University, as well as area professional musicians. The Jazz Track participants will present a concert on Friday night of camp.
    The camp large ensembles, choir, chamber strings, and band, will present the final camp concert Saturday morning.
    Parents are invited to attend any or all of the concerts.


    Early Registration Fee (before June 1): $25
    Registration Fee (after June 1): $50
    Resident Camp Fees: $495. This includes all meals, housing and concert admissions as well as activities and special events.
    Key/Room Deposit: $50 (Refunded at approved checkout.)
    Non-Resident Camp Fee: $325 A university dining hall meal card will be available for an additional $90.

    A limited number of $150 and $100 scholarships are provided for students with proven financial need.
    The application fee is not waived and is still required if a scholarship is awarded. A letter explaining the reason for the scholarship request should be sent with the application.

    All high school students selected for their respective All-State ensembles are give a $250 Music Camp 15 scholarship. Total camp fees with scholarship, before June 1, $270; after June 1, $295. This includes the application fee which must be sent with the application: before June 1 $25; after June 1 $50.


    All campers will participate in one of the following ensembles: piano, choir, chamber strings, band, and, for those on the Jazz Track, jazz combos.

    For more information, contact:
    Laud L. Vaught
    Music Camp Administrator
    Lee University School of Music