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  1. Jasso and Miedaner Present in Uruguay and Argentina

    Drs. Hermilo Jasso Randall Miedaner recently presented at a university in Uruguay and a church in Argentina during their Global Perspectives trip.
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    Lee University
  2. Business Profs Selected to Attend Free Market Forum

    Lee University Business Department professors Dr. Hermilo Jasso, Dr. Randy Miedaner, and Dr. David Smartt were selected to attend the 2016 Free Market Forum.
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    Business profs attend forum
  3. Peak Performance Business Excellence Symposium to Take Place

     Lee will partner again with Cleveland State Community College to present Peak Performance.
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    Peak Performance
  4. Jasso Presents at Leadership Conference in Paraguay

    Dr. Hermilo Jasso, Jr., recently presented at the International Leadership Conference in Paraguay.
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    Jasso Presents in Parauay
  5. Thompson Appointed Chair of ACBSP Board

     Dr. Dewayne Thompson has assumed the office of chair of the 2016-17 Board of Directors for the ACBSP.
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    Thompson Appointed Chair