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  1. Miller to Speak on Desegregation Wednesday

    Lee will host “Desegregation at Lee College” this Wednesday, Jan. 17, at 6 p.m. with Bishop Quan Miller.
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    Bishop Quan Miller to Speak at Lee
  2. “Speaking the Truth in Love” to take place Nov. 16

    Lee will host a panel discussion on “Speaking the Truth in Love” on Thursday, Nov. 16.
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    Truth's Table
  3. Symposium on American Moral Identity Begins Friday

    Lee University’s Department of History, Political Science & Humanities will present a lecture for the Symposium on American Moral Identity on Friday, Oct. 27.
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    Bucolla to Speak at Symposium
  4. Oxford Scholar Speaks at Lee

    The College of Arts and Sciences recently hosted Oxford Scholar Dr. Michael Ward. 
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    Michael Ward Speaks
  5. AKD to Welcome McConkey for “Sexuality and Schism” Lecture

    Dr. Dale McConkey will present a lecture, “Sexuality and Schism: Social Issues and the Divided Church,” for AKD Thursday.
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    McConkey to Lecture