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  1. VOL Makes it to Final Round of A Cappella Music Awards, Voting Open

    Voices of Lee has made it to the final round of voting for the 2018 A Cappella Music Awards.
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  2. “An Evening with the Voices of Lee” Takes Place Dec. 6

    Voices will present “An Evening with the Voices of Lee” to celebrate their new release, “A Cappella Christmas” on Wednesday, Dec. 6.
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    An Evening with Voices of Lee
  3. Voices’ Video Hits 20 Million Views

    Voices' video has received more than 20 million views to date.
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    Voices vide o goes Viral
  4. Voices’ Video Goes Viral

    Voices of Lee recently posted a video that has since been viewed over 6 million times.
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    Voices Video Goes Viral
  5. Voices of Lee Performs for CMA Christmas, Will Air Nov. 28

    Voices of Lee recently recorded a portion of the CMA Country Christmas 2016 with Rascal Flatts.
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    Voices of Lee perform with Rascal Flatts