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  1. Voices of Lee to Present 25th Anniversary Celebration Concert

    Voices of Lee 25th Anniversary Concert will take place on Sept. 14.
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    VOL 25th Anniversary
  2. Voices of Lee to Celebrate 25th Anniversary

    Voices of Lee will celebrate its 25th anniversary this fall.
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    VOL 2019
  3. Voices Broadway Christmas Performance to Air This Weekend

    Voices of Lee recently performed in Dr. David Jeremiah’s Christmas on Broadway spectacular, “Make the Season Bright.”
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    Voices Perform on Beacon Stage
  4. Voices of Lee to Perform “A Cappella Christmas” Dec. 11

    The Voices of Lee will present its Sounds of Christmas concert, “A Cappella Christmas,” on Tuesday, Dec. 11.
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    Voices to Present A Cappella Christmas
  5. Voices of Lee Sings for Wacker in Germany

    Voices of Lee recently returned from Germany, where the acapella group was honored to perform for Wacker Corporation in Munich.
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    Voices Performs for Wacker