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  1. O’Brien Welcomed for Worship Masterclass

    The School of Music will welcome Mike O’Brien on Thursday, Feb. 8, for two masterclass workshops.
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    Mike O'Brien Leads Workshop
  2. U-Church to Continue with KB and Trip Lee

    U-Church will welcome KB and Trip Lee on Sunday, Oct. 22 at 7:30 p.m.
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    UChurch to welcome Trip Lee and KB
  3. Worship Event to Take Place April 20-21

    Lee University will host “The Retreat,” sponsored by the Fisher/Brewer Worship Institute, Prism Music, and Lee University, April 20-21.
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    Lee University
  4. Scheer to Host Worship Lecture

     Lee's School of Music will welcome Greg Scheer to the Spring 2017 Church Music series on Monday, Feb. 20.
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    Scheer to Present lecture
  5. Spring Convocation Takes Place this Week

    Convocation will begin this Sunday evening, Jan. 29.
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    Scott Sheppard