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Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship Recipients Announced for 2016-17

Lee University recently awarded scholarships to 34 women for the 2016-17 school year. The Lettie Pate Whitehead foundation, a Georgia nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the education of female students, funded the scholarships.

Each woman was awarded a scholarship of $2,500. In accordance with the guidelines prescribed by the Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, scholarships were awarded to women who reside in one of nine specified southeastern states. Recipients were chosen based on a combination of factors including financial need, academic merit, and character.

Mrs. Lettie Pate Whitehead, for whom the foundation is named, was born in Virginia in 1872. In 1895, she married Joseph Brown Whitehead, and the two settled in Chattanooga. In 1899, Mr. Whitehead and an associate approached The Coca-Cola Company with the idea of bottling the popular beverage. The two businessmen secured a contract and soon began bottling and selling Coca-Cola throughout the United States.

Upon Mr. Whitehead’s death in 1906, Mrs. Whitehead assumed responsibility for the family’s business affairs. She became one of the first women to serve on the board of directors of a major American corporation.

Along with her legacy as a successful business woman, Mrs. Whitehead was also known for her generosity. Throughout her life she supported charities and educational programs and was viewed as a leader in her community. The Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation aims to inspire women to stand out as leaders in their communities and to support them in their quest for education. This year marks the 11th anniversary of the scholarship program at Lee.

A reception to celebrate the women chosen for the award this year was held on Wednesday, Nov. 2, in the Lee Chapel.

For more information about the Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship, contact Lee’s Office of Admissions at (423) 614-8500.

Lettie Pate 2016 Scholars
Pictured here are the recipients of the 2016-17 Lettie Pate Scholarship following the reception at Lee. Front Row (left to right): Marleny Perez of Cleveland, Tennessee; Heather Wood of Chattanooga, Tennessee; Lydia Trail of Liberty, Tennessee; and Millie Swinson of Knoxville, Tennessee. Second Row (left to right): Amanda Hanshew of Cleveland, Tennessee; Rebekah Huelle of Tarpon Springs, Florida; Stephanie Edwards of Chatsworth, Georgia; Elaine Martinez of Chatsworth, Georgia; Susannah Guthrie of Jackson, Tennessee; Catherine Cooper of Franklin, Tennessee; and Emmalyn Merrit of Clinton, Tennessee. Third Row (left to right): Joshalyn Brown of Cleveland, Tennessee; Anna Ferenchuk of Cleveland, Tennessee; Reagan Millholland of Dawsonville, Georgia; Jonysia Kilgore of Duluth, Georgia; Kendra Norwood of Kennesaw, Georgia; Mercedes Blomstrom of Sweetwater, Tennessee; Gabrielle Hakim of Atlanta, Georgia; Danae Pick of Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Top Row (left to right): Hannah Burkowske of Ocala, Florida; DeAnne Sipes of Bradenton, Flordia; Veronica Boss of Faith, North Carolina; Hailey Rudd of Knoxville, Tennessee; Kayla Hughett of Huntsville, Tennessee; Kaylee Parent of Franklin, Tennessee; Markie-Rae Dean of Villa Rica, Georgia; and Abigail Bradley of Social Circle, Georgia; Not Pictured are Tiffany Alley of Parrott, Virginia; Kelsey French of Cleveland, Tennessee; Caroline Hamby of Tampa, Florida; Karina Hernandez of Dalton, Georgia; Jennifer Jones of Pell City, Alabama; Elizabeth Landry of Cleveland, Tennessee; and Hannah McManus of Winston, Georgia.

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