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Take a Step

“One day I am really going to help Lee.” That's what Dr. Jerome Hammond says alumni often tell him. “When I am with a group of alums, and we're having a great time, their natural impulse is to give to Lee.” The vice president for University Relations said he eventually found himself asking, “Can you take a small step now?”

Thus was born the 2017 Annual Alumni Fund theme, Take a Step. “As 5,000 Lee students are taking steps toward a promising future, we're asking alumni to help them by also taking a step as Lee supporters,” Hammond explained.

Patti Cawood, the director of the Alumni Fund adds, “We're also hoping to encourage our 20,000 alumni that this is what we do - we support our alma mater.” She says that most alumni are surprised to hear that $100 a year is considered a terrific gift. “If half of our alumni gave that amount annually, it would total the giving of our largest donors.”

To promote Take a Step, the Alumni Office has created an aggressive social media campaign that includes the placement of the logo in some interesting locations. “Look for the logo to pop up in a lot of different places, and with a lot of different people,” Cawood smiles. “We're going to have some fun while bringing this to the attention of our alumni.”

To make an online contribution, go to Support Lee or email alumni@leeuniversity.edu.

Take a Step

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