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Two Majors Added to the Department of History, Political Science, and Humanities


By Marisa Gilbert

The Lee University Department of History, Political Science, and Humanities has added two new majors under the oversight of Political Science: Public Administration and International Studies.

Public Administration will equip students to work in state and local politics by training them on economic, business, and communications skills and offering a political science foundation. International Studies will help prepare students for international-oriented professions, allowing students to choose a specific country or world region and a global issue pertaining to that culture to study and provide an interdisciplinary foundation.

According to Dr. Ana Shippey, assistant professor of political science at Lee, both majors will provide students specific training for careers that have recently become high in demand. The courses are meant to prepare students and build a competitive skill that will enhance their career pursuits.

“Whether at the local and state level through public administration, or internationally through international studies, the two new majors aim to equip students to make a difference in our local communities and in the world through responsible and redemptive Christian stewardship,” said Shippey.

Though both majors do not become official until fall 2017, students can take classes now to be credited toward the new majors. Each major was also developed to make it possible to double-major due to overlapping course requirements.

In order to create cultural involvement with the international studies major, Shippey is currently building relationships in several countries in order to offer students future opportunities to do semester or year-long study abroad trips and internships in the country of their choosing.

For more information about the public administration or international studies majors, contact Shippey, Dr. Stephen Swindle or Dr. Thomas Pope.

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