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Asian Council to Host “Voices of Unity”


Lee University’s Asian Council will host “Voices of Unity” this Sunday evening, April 2, at 7 p.m. in the Jones Lecture Hall, located in Lee’s School of Religion.

The night will consist of worship songs in different languages, in addition to several guest speakers, including Dr. Arlie Tagayuna, club sponsor and assistant professor of sociology at Lee; Watheq Zboun, member of Asian Council and student at Lee; and Esteban and Miriam Sosa, members of the Cleveland community.

“Voices of Unity” will revolve around the idea of finding and celebrating unity in diversity within the Lee and Cleveland communities.

“Unity in diversity is such an important idea to convey to Lee students and the surrounding community during a time when there are increasing amounts of divide, whether it’s due to race, social class, or gender,” said Andrew Carlson, vice president of Asian Council. “Our goal is that those who attend will realize the unity that is shared among people of different backgrounds and that in return they would become advocates of this concept as well.”

Asian Council is a group of Lee students who aim to integrate Asian culture into Lee’s campus through several events hosted each school year. The group comprises students of many different backgrounds. Annual events consist of movie nights, cultural celebrations, and the “Voices of Unity” worship night.

This event is free, non-ticketed, and open to the public.

For more information about “Voices of Unity” or Asian Council, contact Carlson at acarls02@leeu.edu.
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