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Thank you, Alumni


In thanking Lee University alumni for their support in 2017, Dr. Jerome Hammond, vice president for University Relations, described their gifts as “indispensable to the mission of the university.”

“Lee is not a wealthy school,” explained Dr. Hammond, “but we are wealthy in alumni. For the past 100 years, alumni engagement has been the secret to our success. When they have given their time, money, and talent, the university has flourished. This is the same formula that will keep Lee flourishing for another century.”

Hammond identified the Alumni Fund as one of the most important designations for alumni support. “This fund allows the university to put gifts where they are most needed that year. In this way, the Alumni Fund gives the university a critical flexibility from year to year.”

Over the past 10 years, Alumni Fund receipts have increased 46 percent while alumni participation has increased only 19 percent. Hammond said a big challenge over the next 10 years is to “motivate more alumni to take a step and become supporters. If 1/3 of our alumni give $100 a year, we can generate $1,000,000 for student support.”

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