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BSS Department Holds Ollie J. Lee Symposium


By Ashley Walker

Lee University’s Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences recently held its 8th annual Ollie J. Lee Research Symposium, where anthropology, psychology, and sociology students presented original research.

Lee Hosts Ollie J. Lee Symposium
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Over 70 students presented the results of their research through oral and poster presentations during the symposium organized by Dr. Bryan Poole.

“I can't overemphasize the importance of what our students are doing through their research,” said Poole. “Not only are they addressing real-world problems through their research at Lee, but they are sharpening skills that will prepare them for graduate studies in the future - skills that many undergraduate students do not have the opportunity to exercise.”

In anthropology, oral presentations included Megan Balut’s “Ethnography of Community Development in Cleveland, Tennessee,” Jed Foster’s “A Cloud of Witnesses: Eastern Orthodox Iconography in Anthropological Perspective,” Elijah Hammonds’ “The Twelve Tribes Chattanooga: Ethnography of Sharing Among a Utopian Commune,” and Melea C. Patton’s “Buying Benevolence: Reflections on the Nature of Reciprocity in Christian Outreach Programs.”

In psychology, oral presentations included Jordan Freshwater, Joy Lewis, Sarah Nicolae, Heather Quagliana, Sierra Smith, and Ana Villa’s “Positive Youth Development and Religious Coping: An Assets Based Approach to Understanding Children in Post-Ebola Liberia;” Audrey Darnbush, Elizabeth Martin, and Ana Villa’s “Manipulating Faith and Colorblind Racism;” Rachel Brooks, Sarah Nicolae, Heather Quagliana, Macy Tregellas, and Tiffany Wooten’s “Promoting Pastoral Resilience: A Closer Look at Burnout and Religious Coping;” and Jansen Cain, Elise Haynes, and Rachel Rutledge’s “Shame and Security: The Role of Attachment Style in Negative Emotional Experience.”

In sociology, oral presentations included Emily Eagleson’s “Sex Trafficking IQ: Sex Trafficking Knowledge on College Campus;” Claudia Jones’ “First LAF (Life After Foster Care): Success Predictors of Clients Transitioning from Foster Care System;” Sianna Reynolds’ “In Between the Color-line: Perception Expectation, and Identity of Biracial Individuals in a Predominantly White Christian University Campus;” David Tolliver’s “American Dad in Trump’s America: Expectations, Concern, and Care of Fathers of Different Ethnic Groups;” Micah Adkins, Abigail Close, Edward Robinson, and Catherine Wentz’s “The Flu Near You: Facts, Foibles and Population Trends.”

“The quality of our students' presentations mirrored that which one might see at a professional conference,” said Poole. “Our students were confident, competent, and impressive. We're immeasurably proud of them.”

The Ollie J. Lee Research Symposium is an annual research symposium that honors Dr. Ollie J. Lee, who joined the university’s faculty in 1967 and now serves as professor emeritus of sociology. He has served in numerous roles during his time at the university, including vice president of Academic Affairs, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and chair of the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

For more information about the Lee University Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences or the Ollie J. Lee Symposium, contact Poole.

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