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School of Religion Faculty Have Book Published

Faculty members from the Christian Ministries Department of Lee’s School of Religion recently had their textbook, “Mission of the Church,” published by Wipf and Stock Publishers. The textbook is a collection of essays about a variety of topics related to the mission and purpose of today’s church.

“After we restructured our curriculum around 10 years ago, professors and students weren’t satisfied with the textbooks used in the Mission of the Church course,” said Dr. Jerald Daffe, professor of pastoral studies at Lee.

Because many School of Religion professors taught the topics covered in existing textbooks, Dr. William Effler, associate professor of pastoral studies at Lee, suggested that the department write its own textbook. Effler asked various professors from the School of Religion to contribute chapters, focused on their specialty areas, to the book.

Mission of the Church

“The book has a number of contributors, but it is still cohesive,” said Effler. “Our editorial committee decided on a set of guidelines for the length and format of each chapter so that the textbook would seem uniform.”

Daffe emphasized how the book reflects the camaraderie within the department. “We get along really well,” said Daffe. “This book is a good representation of that.”

None of the writers were paid for their contributions to the textbook, and the royalties made from sales of the book are donated to the university.

“Mission of the Church” was originally self-published by Derek Press. After the textbook had been used for several semesters and had received favorable reviews from students, Dr. Jerome Boone, professor of Old Testament and Christian Formation at Lee, suggested that the department try to publish the book with a larger publisher.

After expanding and revising the book, the department published a second edition with Wipf and Stock Publishers in June 2018, coinciding with Lee’s Centennial Anniversary.

“The book is distinct,” said Daffe. “As far as I know, it is the only book that discusses the mission of the Church from a Charismatic, Pentecostal perspective.” The book has been extensively researched, containing a bibliography of over 170 sources.

“Though the book is scholarly, it is not intended to be difficult to read,” said Effler. “We wanted the book to be a collection of practical essays that wouldn’t wear people out.” Since the book’s publication, it has been well received by students and readers in a number of countries.

“Mission of the Church” was edited by Boone, Daffe, Effler, and Dr. Henry Smith, senior adjunct professor of Christian Ministries. Other contributors include Drs. Bob Bayles, Terry L. Cross, Rolando Wilfredo Cuellar, Thomas J. Doolittle, Jimmy Harper, John A. Lombard, Lisa Milligan Long, Edley Moodley, and Mark L. Walker, all faculty members of Lee’s School of Religion.

For more information, or to purchase “Mission of the Church,” visit WIPF.
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