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Psych Majors Deliver Bags to Prospect Elementary School

Star Bags Group 2020

Students from Lee University’s Lifespan Development class delivered “star bags” to elementary students at Prospect Elementary School on Thursday, Feb.13.

“This event gave my students the opportunity to interact with children in a very intentional and personal way,” said Dr. Susan Ashcraft, professor of psychology and human development at Lee.

“Our goal was to celebrate each kid because they are all stars and sometimes they need to be reminded of that. It was a phenomenal time for making new friends and shining a light of love into a young child’s life.”

Ashcraft assigned each of her students from the lifespan class to an elementary student. The Lee students then prepared and delivered a goodie bag to the child. The bag also had a personalized homemade card with each child’s name.
Star Bags line

“As an aspiring school counselor, I believe that every student at Lee benefits from an outreach like star bags,” said Jeremiah Storey, one of Ashcraft’s students. “We got to experience just a small snippet of the mission field we are entering. I loved interacting with the children and would gladly do this project again.”

Three first-grade classrooms received a total of 76 personalized gift bags. Lee students also spent some time playing and getting to know the first graders.

"The students and staff were greatly encouraged by the simple act of kindness from Dr. Ashcraft and her students,” said Michele Dunkle, a counselor at Prospect Elementary. “Some students said they had never been a part of anything like this, it meant so much.”
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