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Summer Honors 2020 Welcomes Over 140 Students

Lee University’s 35th annual Summer Honors program recently hosted more than 140 high school students from around the country for a two-week experience, providing incoming freshmen and rising high school seniors with a unique educational, spiritual, and interactive encounter to prepare them for the academic and social challenges of college.

“Summer Honors 2020 will prove to be an unforgettable experience in many regards,” said Mike Hayes, vice president for Student Development. “Despite the challenges faced, the students embraced the unchanging core of the program by engaging in the spiritual, academic, and relational opportunities courageously.”

Participants had many opportunities in and out of the classroom during their two-week stay. Students chose two of the 13 classes offered in order to receive six college credits. Class selections included “Emerge: Knowing Yourself and Writing a Better Story;” “Business Lessons from ‘The Office;’” and “Advances in Genomics and the Future of Personalized Medicine,” among others.

Due to COVID-19 regulations and for the safety of students and staff, Hayes said on- and off-campus activities were carefully monitored and precautionary measures such as masks, social distancing, and daily temperature checks were taken.

Over the two weeks, students went white water rafting, saw a concert on the campus lawn, held an indoor movie screening, and participated in other events such as 80s Night and Capture the Flag.

“I loved Summer Honors and can’t wait to attend again next summer,” said Abdiel Medina, a high school senior who plans to attend Lee in fall 2021. “I was able to meet several young men that became true brothers to me, and many of my fears and anxieties over the future were washed away as I felt at home at Lee University.”

Service projects, which are traditionally held during Summer Honors, remained on campus to limit contact with off‐campus partners or community members, while still providing opportunities to engage in one of Lee’s core values, service-learning.

Through devotionals and small groups, students were able to experience the faith-development aspect of campus life. This year’s spiritual theme was “Courageous,” based on the first chapter of the book of Joshua.

The university has announced its plans to reopen with a full slate of in-person classes this fall semester, using a “hybrid” format which will include remote options when necessary.

For more information about Summer Honors, visit Lee SH or contact the Office of Student Development at (423) 614-8406.

For more information about Lee University, visit Admissions.
Summer Honors 2020
Summer Honors 2020

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