• The faculty of the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences are among the most qualified at Lee University. Five have won the faculty's highest honor, the Excellence in Teaching Award, four have earned the award for Excellence in Scholarship, and one has earned the Excellence in Advising Award. Many faculty research agendas include student work and participation.


    Dr. Murl Dirksen Dr. Richard Jones
    Mr. Alan Wheeler


    Dr. Richard Albright Dr. Susan Carter
    Dr. Robert Fisher Dr. Doyle Goff
    Dr. Trevor Milliron Mr. Bryan Poole
    Dr. Heather Quagliana Dr. Jeffrey Sargent
    Dr. Edward Stone Dr. Kirstee Williams


    Dr. Karen Mundy Dr. Arlie Tagayuna

    Additional Faculty

    Dr. Paul Conn Ms. Lena Barber
    Dr. Jerome Hammond Dr. Michael Hayes
    Dr. Ollie Lee Dr. David Quagliana
    Dr. Jayson VanHook