• We believe our students should be taught the Christian perspective on the behavioral and social sciences and should plan to be involved in vocations that fulfill the great commission of Jesus. A broad liberal arts undergraduate education should expand the students’ understanding of their own social context, increase their knowledge of individual behavior and facilitate their adjustment to a rapidly changing social world by preparing them to recognize and appreciate cultural diversity.



    The Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology is designed to provide an understanding of human beings and human society with respect to both culture and biology. Students are exposed to a broad historical and comparative framework within which to view the variety of human cultures. Coursework deals with basic anthropological concepts, ethnographic and quantitative research techniques, and substantive knowledge of the branches of the field, e.g., physical anthropology, social and cultural anthropology, ethnology, archeology, linguistics, and applied anthropology. Anthropology as a major is primarily intended for those students who want to pursue anthropology at the graduate level; however, an anthropology major could be used as preparation for careers in governmental and private social service agencies, museums, ethnic and immigrant organizations, elementary and secondary schools, health care agencies that serve diverse populations, foreign service and foreign aid agencies, businesses with international and inter-ethnic scope and missions-evangelism.

    Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

    The psychology major prepares students for careers in psychology and for graduate studies. Graduates from this program are equipped with the knowledge necessary to be successful practitioners and researchers. Our graduates work in a variety of settings including mental health centers, hospitals, laboratories, business, churches, and schools. The program at Lee integrates behavioral science with Christian faith. The psychology major is designed for those intending to continue their study of psychology at the graduate level (PSYCH.BA) as well as those seeking teacher licensure as preparation for school counseling (PSYCH.BAT). However, knowledge of psychology is also an asset in such fields as management, sales, personnel work, information systems, pastoral care, law, computer science and public relations. Psychology helps individuals understand human behavior and enhances social skills, communication and problem solving skills.

    Psychology (PSYCH.BA)
    Psychology, 9-12 Teacher Licensure (PSYCH.BAT)

    The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology will prepare students for employment in various occupations as well as equip them to enter graduate or law school. The sociology student may pursue a general course of study in sociology or focus on one of the five emphases in the discipline: (1) criminology and law, (2) graduate studies, (3) family studies, (4) human services (social work), or (5) cross-cultural studies. Sociology is a major which encourages a liberal arts perspective and broad discipline-training, with required courses in social theory, statistics and research methods. Students develop skills in writing, critical thinking and quantitative methods and are prepared to enter a culturally diverse world.

    Sociology (SOCIO.BA)



    The Anthropology minor is designed for those who intend to work internationally or among ethnic Americans in business, education, ministry or diplomacy. It can be completed as part of the Intercultural Studies major. Any 18 hours of anthropology will constitute a minor.

    Anthropology Minor

    The Counseling minor (18 hours) is designed to be a pre-professional sequence of courses that will prepare students for entry level positions in mental health facilities and social service agencies or prepare them for graduate studies in counseling.

    Counseling Minor
    Criminal Justice

    The Criminal Justice minor (18 hours) is designed to equip majors in the field of social sciences, and other individuals who are interested in studying the field of the criminal and/or the juvenile justice system, and other government institution that deals with the issues of crime, delinquency, terrorism, and security. More so, the minor will provide opportunity for in depth study of criminology and criminal justice in preparation for a career or continued graduate studies in the said area.

    Criminal Justice Minor

    The Psychology minor (19 hours) is a sequence of courses intended to provide students with a working knowledge of the core domains in the discipline. Students will take a course in each of the required domains (13 hours) and 6 hours in elective courses.

    Psychology Minor
    Social Work

    The Social Work minor (18 hours) is intended to be a pre-professional sequence of courses that will prepare students for employment in human service agencies or prepare them for graduate work in social work or counseling.

    Social Work Minor

    Graduate Studies in Counseling

    Counseling programs at Lee University are based upon the following goals, which reflect both programmatic and individual needs:
    • To provide a curriculum which contains an appropriate balance between both didactic and experiential learning.
    • To provide a curriculum which reflects faculty expertise and competencies, students’ needs for credentialing and the community’s needs for well trained professionals.
    • To provide students with the opportunity to test out their newly acquired skills in a structured, supervised environment.
    • To provide a comprehensive program which is open to change and revision based upon the changing needs of students, faculty, the institution and society.
    • To provide a comprehensive program that enables students to gain knowledge and experience that will enhance their identity as a professional.
    • To provide a program that teaches the theory and practice of counseling in conjunction with application of Christian principles and values.
    • To provide a learning environment which is sensitive to the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

    Master of Science, Holistic Child Development (HSDEV.MS)
    Master of Science, Marriage and Family Studies (MAFAM.MS)
    Master of Science, Marriage and Family Therapy (MAFTS.MS)
    Master of Science, School Counseling (SHCSL.MS)

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