• The History, Political Science and Humanities Department has as its mission preparing students for occupations such as law, teaching and international work, as well as entrance into graduate and professional schools. We believe our students should be taught from a Christian perspective and should plan to be involved in vocations that fulfill the great commission of Jesus. A broad liberal arts undergraduate education should expand the students’ understanding of their own historical context, increase their knowledge of political issues and facilitate their adjustment to a rapidly changing social world by preparing them to recognize and appreciate cultural diversity all from within a Biblical worldview. We offer majors in History, Humanities, and Political Science. Teacher licensure can be obtained in history with an emphasis in political science or economics for 6th through 12th grade. Minors include History, Humanities, Political Science, and Pre-Law.



    Students electing to major in history have the opportunity to select from a varied field of study designed to provide instruction and direction that will enable graduates to succeed in future endeavors such as graduate programs and professional careers. The program also offers students the opportunity to gain teacher licensure. Students are taught to think critically, to communicate (in both written and verbal form) in an articulate manner, and to respect opinions and ideas unlike their own. Finally, the program seeks to instill in students an appreciation of their own history as well as the histories of others.

    Bachelor of Arts in History
    Bachelor of Arts in History (Teacher Licensure Grades 6-12)
    Bachelor of Science in History (Economics Emphasis, Teacher Licensure Grades 6 - 12)
    Bachelor of Science in History (Political Science Emphasis, Teacher Licensure Grades 6 - 12)

    The Humanities major offers a multi-disciplinary foundation for understanding and appreciating the western cultural tradition. All humanities students explore various expressions of western literature, philosophy, music and the fine arts within their original historical contexts, in relation to one another, and in relation to modern institutions and cultures. The major offers its students the opportunity to specialize in one of three concentrations: Classical Studies, Modern and Contemporary Studies, and Philosophy.

    Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
    Political Science

    The Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science is designed to prepare the students for numerous post-graduation experiences. The most obvious of these include government services, graduate school in political science and law school. In addition, this degree provides students with the skills necessary to compete in such widely diverse career fields as public and international affairs, campaign management, lobbying and issue advocacy and many others.

    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
    Bachelor of Arts in International Studies     
    Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration


    History MinorHumanities MinorPolitical Science MinorPre-Law Minor

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