• The Department of Health, Exercise Science, and Secondary Education prepares students for careers in secondary education, physical education (including K- 12 licensure), fitness/wellness, health education (including K-12 licensure), recreation and athletic training. In addition to major classes, the department offers a variety of activity, sport, and lifetime fitness classes.


    Athletic Training

    The Athletic Training Education Program prepares students for a career as a health-care professional in athletic training. A certified athletic trainer has numerous employment possibilities, including college and university intercollegiate athletic programs, interscholastic athletics, professional sports, corporations and in clinic and hospital-based programs. Athletic training students will have the opportunity to develop applied technical and clinical skills while working with the athletic programs at Lee University and in our affiliated sites such as local high schools, orthopedic clinics, and hospitals.

    Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training  
    Exercise Science

    The Health Science major with an emphasis in Fitness and Wellness prepares students for careers in corporate, commercial, community and hospital-based settings. Knowledge of the human body and the effects of exercise and general self-care are emphasized. Students are encouraged to prepare for and take one of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certification examinations immediately after graduation.

    Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
    Health / Wellness

    Teacher licensure area in Health Education prepare professionals for successful and productive careers in teaching grades K-12. Both programs emphasize knowledge of the human body, self- care, and techniques to motivate all students to lead healthy and productive lives. Students are encouraged (but not required) to become certified in both fields prior to graduation.

    Bachelor of Science in Health / Wellness Education (Teacher Licensure, K - 12)
    Physical Education

    A Physical Education degree with an emphasis in Recreation is offered for students wanting to work in various recreational settings. A leadership track prepares students for careers in city and county agencies, YMCAs or on college campuses. A second track focuses on outdoor recreational experiences emphasizing safety, skills, and teaching styles in canoeing, backpacking and several other outdoor venues.

    Bachelor of Science in Physical Education (Recreation Emphasis)
    Sports Management


    Coaching MinorFitness/ Wellness MinorPhysical Education Minor Recreation Minor

    Graduate Studies in Education

    All Graduate candidates will demonstrate competencies in an (a):
    • Extend Knowledge and experience in the area of learning and instruction, including conceptual and practical applications of practices that support the process.
    • Understanding and utilization of research methods that improve practices in schools and classrooms.
    • Ability to apply knowledge of multi-media technology to school and classroom practices.
    • Understanding and application of practice of inclusive educational opportunities for learners from diverse backgrounds and disabilities.
    • Enhancement and extension of knowledge of current trends and issues in education.
    • *Demonstration of professional contributions, such as leadership in professional organizations, provision of in-service education for peers and mentorship of beginning teachers.
    • Articulation of a Christian worldview of teaching.
    *NOT REQUIRED for Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) candidates

    Educational Specialist (Ed.S.)
    Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)
    Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction, Special Education, or Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)
    Master of Science in Higher Education Administration

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Spring Graduation: Applications Close
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