• The primary objective of The Tucker Foundation is to provide financial support to non-profit organizations to produce in young people the character and skills required to live a productive and happy life, along with organizations that conserve essential elements of our natural environment forever.

    Tucker Scholar in Nursing

    Recipients will be selected by a nursing scholarship committee comprised of nursing faculty with input from the Student Financial Aid Office. Amount of approximate annual scholarship award: $5,000.

    Scholarship Selection Criteria:
    • Officially accepted by the School of Nursing
    • Entering freshman for fall 2014
    • Legal resident of Cleveland/Bradley County MSA or Chattanooga/Hamilton County MSA
    • Have a demonstrated financial need (as evidenced on FAFSA)
    • Consideration will be given to leadership, service and other extra-curricular activities (as evidenced on SON application)
    • Brief essay (as evidenced on SON application)

    Requirements to retain the scholarship for the duration of student time in the School of Nursing:
    • Demonstration of satisfactory, full-time, on-time academic progress

    Additional Resources for Nursing Scholarships: