• The Department of Christian Ministries at Lee University prepares men and women for servant leadership in Christian Ministry. The theological perspective from which the department works is both evangelical and Pentecostal.

    The mission of the Department of Christian Ministries emphasizes the development of the whole person. The goal is to facilitate Christian character, service to others and knowledge of the Christian faith. A milestone in the educational process occurs at the beginning of the junior year. Students who have previously self-declared as majors in the department are reviewed by the department faculty. The review process emphasizes the three-fold dimension of ministry: being, doing and knowing. It considers three key areas: Christian character, Christian service and knowledge of the Christian faith. Christian character reflects both spirituality and maturity. Christian service relates to the ability to do the normal tasks of ministry. Knowledge of the Christian faith includes knowledge of Scripture and the various areas of ministry. Each student applying for admission to the majors within the department is expected to demonstrate evidence of God’s call upon his or her life in these areas.

    The primary educational direction of the Christian Ministries Department is guided by these perspectives:
    • A personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior 
    • Submission to guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit 
    • The reliable and authoritative place of the Holy Scriptures