• Lee family,
    Good morning! Here’s a quick update on the weather situation.
    As communicated last night, our team has been monitoring the conditions in the community and on campus. In light of current information, our plan is to continue with what we announced last night. We’ll start with chapel at 10:40 and commence with a normal class schedule following that. Offices will be open at 1:00. Both Deacon Jones Dining Hall and Dunkin’ are operating with their normal schedules this morning.
    Our Physical Plant crew has been out diligently looking for any potential trouble spots on campus. For those traveling to campus, we encourage you to use judgment as you make your way here.
    We look forward to seeing you later today. Meanwhile, enjoy a relaxing morning!
    Take care,
    Mike Hayes
    President Pro Tem

    Updated: January 29, 2019 8:00 AM