• Each member of the Center for Calling & Career staff possesses great individual devotion to Lee University and our students.

    Golden Madume, Assistant Director

    Mr. Golden is a career counselor at the Center for Calling & Career. As a graduate of student development, he is passionate about fostering student and career development by applying high impact development practices and building meaningful connections. He encourages students to consider their strengths, skills, interests and values as they prepare for success and fulfillment in their personal, academic and career development.

    Strengths Vocational Advisors (SVAs)

    The Center approaches career advising from a strengths-based philosophy, with SVAs guiding you to focus on who you are. Through the Center for Calling and Career, you may schedule an individual advising session with faculty who are prepared to listen, question, encourage and guide you in a discovery of your strengths and calling. These advisors are especially helpful if you are undecided about a major, or would like to make a change in your major or minor. We have 30 trained SVAs across each academic department on campus.