• The Lee University Counseling Center (LUCC) will discontinue the regular walk-in schedule for intake services and walk-in needs after Tuesday, 4/24/18. However, LUCC services remain available through May and June for students (staying local) who are either enrolled in summer school or pre-registered for fall semester courses. During May and June, LUCC requests that students call to schedule intake appointments for beginning LUCC services, though walk-in requests for intake or crisis needs may be accommodated based on staff availability. LUCC office will be closed for the entire month of July.

    Beginning with our intake process, the Lee University Counseling Center (LUCC) uses our field’s best practices to make each student’s experience in pursuing counseling as effective and efficient possible. We offer face-to-face intake/walk-in meetings with our counselors four days each week. We then meet weekly as a staff to make the best clinical treatment assignments or referrals for each client on an individual basis. This process both minimizes wait time for initial counselor contact and maximizes fit between clients’ needs and the treatment options offered. This both minimizes wait time and maximizes a good fit between clients’ needs and the treatment options they are offered.

    Step 1: Intake paperwork is filled out then turned in at an intake session. These forms can be downloaded and printed ahead of time (Intake Form Part 1 and the Intake Form Part 2) or received at the front desk of LUCC. Completing forms ahead of time can save time upon arrival for intake sessions. Please DO NOT drop off the intake forms except when arriving for an intake session.

    Step 2: Come to the LUCC during one of the regularly scheduled walk-in times; intake sessions are first-come, first-served (no need to schedule an appointment ahead of time). Intakes will be available from the first day of classes until the last day of classes each semester.

    Walk-in Times
    Mondays 2-3:30 p.m.
    Tuesdays 1-2:30 p.m.
    Thursdays 8:30-10 a.m.
    Fridays 10-11:30 a.m.

    Step 3: Present completed paperwork to the receptionist and wait to meet with the next available intake counselor (This will not necessarily be the counselor who provides ongoing services for the student). Plan to spend about 30 minutes describing personal basic concerns as well as answering a few standard questions. Students will also be asked to verify all contact information.

    Step 4: On Wednesday mornings, the team of counselors meets to match student needs to the particular specialties and schedules of the team. At this time, students will be assigned to an individual counselor, assigned to a therapy group, referred to a community provider, or placed on the waitlist.

    Step 5: Students will be contacted as soon as possible after the weekly staff consultation. An LUCC staff member will inform you of your assignment and will assist you in scheduling the next contact with the LUCC. If for some reason a student is not contacted by the Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning after completing the intake process, they should call the LUCC immediately, as there may be a problem with the contact information.