• The purpose of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to promote and support efforts to inspire effective teaching and to enhance student learning in an atmosphere of collaboration that respects a wide variety of approaches and recognizes individual differences among teachers and disciplines.

    The Center provides:

    • Up-to-date resources on teaching, learning, and assessment
    • Access to teaching coaches and peer mentors
    • Comfortable space for small group collaboration
    • Confidential consultations concerning the teaching process
    • Seminars, workshops, and discussions
    • Instructions in teaching technology and application

    Contact Information

    Center For Teaching Excellence
    1120 North Ocoee Street
    PO Box 3450
    Cleveland TN 37320-3450
    Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
    Dr. Carolyn Dirksen
    (423) 614-8159
    Dr. Michael Sturgeon
    Coordinator of Faculty Technology
    (423) 614-8556
    Brett Deaton
    Instructional Technology Assistant
    (423) 614-8315
    Mayfield Annex Room 100