• Vanessa Phipps
    Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Vanessa Phipps

    Vanessa Phipps
    Assistant Professor of Nursing

    “What makes Dr. Phipps stand out most as a teacher is the way she cares about our lives outside of school, as well as caring about how we are doing in the classroom,” says nursing major Cayce Bryan.

    Dr. Vanessa Phipps joined Lee’s faculty in 2014 and has practical experience as a pediatric nurse practitioner (certified), school nurse, and staff nurse in intensive care, in cardiothoracic step-down, and in hematology/oncology.  

    “Dr. Phipps is very thoughtful, thorough, and conscientious,” says Dr. Sara Campbell, dean of Lee’s School of Nursing. “She strives for excellence and inspires others to rise above mediocrity. Her high standards are born out of a deep caring for students and the desire to see them live out their potential personally and professionally.”

    Prior to coming to Lee, Phipps was a teaching assistant and patient simulator specialist at UNC Chapel Hill as well as serving as the Assistant Clinical Education Resource Center Director. She has also served on the faculty of Barton College School of Nursing. She is a registered nurse and a certified advance practice nurse in the state of Tennessee, and she is a Certified Nurse Educator. 

    “Dr. Phipps is passionate about helping us become excellent nurses, so she takes class time and assignments very seriously,” nursing major James Davis shares. “She combines high expectations with genuine care for individual students and presents aspiring nurses with the information we need in order to pursue nursing as a career. She wants to see each of us succeed, and she does her level best to help us get there.”

    Phipps earned her doctorate of Nursing Practice at Vanderbilt University; her scholarly project was titled “Improving the Quality of Healthcare in Rural Tennessee Adolescents: Identifying Effective Coping Mechanisms.” She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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