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    TESOL at Lee – Discover your place in the world.

    The TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) major in the Language & Literature Department at Lee University is set apart by a world of experiences.

    Working under faculty who have taught English around the globe, students in the TESOL program can gain up to two years of teaching experience in the English Language Center (ELC) before they graduate. In the past year, nearly 100 adults and children from 20 countries have enrolled in the free English courses provided through the ELC.

    Outside of the English Language Center, Lee University TESOL students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of service oriented projects that allow them to put feet to their faith while preparing to teach English anywhere in the world.

    This year alone, Lee University TESOL students have had wide-ranging experiences including teaching English to new immigrants in public schools, training call center employees in India, designing an ESL curriculum for an orphanage in the Philippines, and assisting an ESL youth camp in Moscow, Russia.

    In a learning environment in which every student takes a Global Perspective trip abroad, and every major is connected to Service & Engagement, Lee University students are able to graduate with experiences that span the globe.

    To learn more about how you can discover your place in the world through a TESOL major, contact either of these TESOL faculty members:

    Dr. Chris Blake: cblake@leeuniversity.edu

    Dr. David Broersma: dbroersma@leeuniversity.edu


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