• Global Perspectives - Cambridge
    At Castle Hill in Cambridge, England

    Twenty Lee University students had the opportunity to study this spring on the annual United Kingdom (UK) Semester Study Abroad trip. This semester-long experience offers students the unique opportunity to earn 15 credit hours while living in the city of Cambridge. While in Cambridge, the students took courses taught by Lee faculty through a specially-designed online program, including The World of C.S. Lewis, British Literature, British Theatre, Film Studies: Exploring British Cinema, and Cross-Cultural Experience. The group also visited a variety of other sites throughout the UK such as the Lake District, Oxford, Bath, and London in England; Caerwent and Chepstow in Wales; Edinburgh in Scotland; and Belfast, Dublin, and Galway in Ireland. The last two weeks of the semester consisted of independently-arranged backpack tours throughout Europe, during which time students had the opportunity to develop their own itineraries and accommodations in the locations of their choice, including Italy, Germany, Greece, Austria, Spain, and Poland. Each group finished their tours in Paris, France, where the entire group began their travels home together. In the image above, students are spending an evening after class on Castle Hill. The hill overlooks the city of Cambridge and is considered the earliest site location for the town.

    Learn more about Lee’s Global Perspectives commitment below and what you can expect as a student.

    What is GP?

    Global Perspectives is a Lee-specific program founded in 1997 that integrates international travel and culture into the curriculum. This requirement is designed to enhance your academic experiences far beyond the classroom. This unique opportunity allows you to choose from over 30 trips led by your very own professors, or an approved individually-arranged trip upon application. These trips are offered over spring, summer, and winter breaks, with one experience (the UK Semester Study Abroad trip) that lasts an entire semester. You will have an opportunity to enrich your academic experience by completing major classes offered on discipline-specific trips or you can travel with a choir, band, club, or other Lee organization. You can receive up to 7 credit hours while on your trip so you can simultaneously continue your education and broaden your cultural experiences. Over 90% of Lee students travel abroad and nearly 700 go out of the country each year with an academic trip arranged by the university.

    Why Go?

    The mission of the Global Perspectives program is to help raise students' awareness of the increasing interdependence of our world and to emphasize that every human being has a potential for making a significant contribution to the kingdom of God; to foster in students a respect for the diversity of perspectives represented in the world community; to help students articulate an understanding of their own Christian values; and to show how these relate to another cultural perspective. Evidence has long suggested that cross-cultural academic experiences change the way participants view the world and engage globally in later years. International programs enhance students’ cultural awareness and literacy as well as affect personal values and commitments to social justice.

    How do I get started?

    Once you are settled in as a full-fledged Lee student, be sure to take the LEEU 102A Global Perspectives Seminar before you can receive credit for your trip. Also, attend the Global World’s Fair during spring semester. This event showcases Lee’s numerous Global Perspectives travel programs, provides details about the Individually Arranged Cross-Cultural Study option, and offers information to help you determine which cross-cultural option best suits your needs. The Fair will be open to the entire campus where you can speak with faculty trip directors about the trips they offer, meet students who have participated in global perspectives trips, and learn the numerous ways you can benefit from cross-cultural experiences. Many students are eligible for financial aid and scholarships to go toward their Lee arranged trips. If you have the opportunity to travel with a different organization, church, or with your family, apply to the Global Perspectives Committee for approval of your individually arranged trip. These applications are due mid-spring. Individually arranged trips have to meet a requirement of being in the culture of the country for a minimum of 7 days with 45 hours of cultural experience logged for reference.

    Check out the Lee University Global Perspectives website to learn more about the Global Perspectives requirement and available trips. Grab your passport and prepare for the experience of a lifetime with Lee University Global Perspectives!

    By Kaitlin Andrews

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