•  Dr. Lori West
    Lee’s MBA program

    Lee’s MBA (Master of Business Administration) program seamlessly integrates superior quality, affordable price, and a faith-based perspective while developing within professionals a long-term, strategic view of their organization.

    “We want our graduates to not only ask all of the right questions while they’re here, but also acknowledge that some of those questions don’t have just one right answer,” said Dr. Shane Griffith, associate professor of business and director of the MBA program. “Our program stresses the importance of applying critical thinking to diverse forms of experiential learning, then using those experiences to make better decisions in the future.”

    The mission of the program is to equip individuals with a faith-based approach to senior-level leadership in industry, government, and non-profit organizations. A focus on experiential learning ensures that students apply theory to actual business problems beginning in the first course and culminating in a final project, internship, or simulation through the “Experiential Management” course. Other courses taught include Business Analytics, a case-based approach to the techniques of problem solving, optimization, and business modeling using statistics and management science; and Management Philosophy and Ethics, which ties in Lee’s identity as a liberal arts university to the practical aspects of management.

    Classes meet one night each week in a unique hybrid format that combines the convenience of online learning with the personal interaction of the classroom. Students complete two courses (at seven weeks each) during five fall, spring, and summer semesters, and should complete the degree requirement of 32 credit hours within 20 months. No specific undergraduate major is necessary for admission. The program is fully available on campus, online, or as a mixture of both formats.

    As a distinctive program, Lee’s MBA curriculum is designed with the understanding that both financial performance and community outreach are important objectives.

    “Our professors bring years of professional experience to the classroom along with their academic credentials,” said Griffith. “We are committed to our students’ success and desire to prepare our graduates to be leaders in a dynamic global economy. We also recognize that business success should not be measured only by profit, but through how an organization and its employees make a difference in their communities. Our curriculum provides a foundation to deliver long-term value.”

    In August of this year, the first MBA cohort graduated 21 students. Currently, there are approximately 50 students enrolled in the program in two cohorts to minimize class size. As part of the program’s personal commitment to student success, class size is capped at 25 to create an exceptional learning environment. Ninety percent of the program’s participants are working full-time. Lee’s MBA students come from 19 different undergraduate institutions, 24 different undergraduate majors, and nine different countries.

    For more information, call (423) 614-8694(423) 614-8694 or email mba@leeuniversity.edu.

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