• Nursing Building
    Nursing Building

    The south end of Lee’s campus will soon become an exciting new hub both for academic endeavors and student activities.

    According to Cole Strong, assistant vice president for operations at Lee, construction plans for the nursing building have been underway for the past several months, with an anticipated completion date of fall 2016. The renovation of the Church Street Annex building for the School of Business (currently the Department of Business) will also be located on the south campus.

    Keeping a large lawn to maximize green space has been a priority for the entire quadrangle of the School of Nursing, Pangle Hall, the Communication Arts Building, and the eventual School of Business building. The lawn will be used for intramurals, student events, and as a practice field for athletic teams. A distinctive part of the “green space” will be the Forum, a new structure designed for both formal and informal gatherings. The Forum is sponsored by numerous Greek clubs, including Alpha Gamma Chi, Delta Zeta Tau, and others, as well as the female and male music honor societies.

    The 41,000-sq-ft School of Nursing building will be three stories and will have two main entrances—one facing Parker Street and one facing Church Street, overlooking the south campus quad. In addition to classrooms and seminar rooms, the building will include a 170-seat lecture hall, computerized learning centers for specialties such as pediatrics, ob/gyn, and community health, and 20 faculty offices.

    The School of Business will move to renovated classrooms in the former Church Street annex during the fall semester of 2016. This location will have a new front entrance and atrium facing the lawn as well.

    Pangle Hall, completed in 2014, is the newest addition to Lee’s list of performance venues. This newly renovated hall, formerly First Baptist Cleveland, has a seating capacity of over 600. This space is perfect for all styles of performance and lecture, and has quickly become a favorite for chamber music and other forms of instrumental and vocal performance.

    The Communication Arts Building, also completed in 2014, features a state-of-the-art “black box” theatre seating 200 for stage productions; a television studio and sound stage; a 110-seat film screening theatre; eight video editing suites; a student journalism lab; 22 faculty offices; classrooms of various sizes; and a computer lab.

    There will also be a new parking lot constructed across from the nursing building on the other side of Parker St. to accommodate any increased traffic.

    “We are excited about the final steps in the south campus development, and look forward to seeing the changes in the area,” said Cole Strong, assistant vice president of operations.

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