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  • First-Year Programs

    Adjusting to university life is always important for first-year students, and Lee University offers a comprehensive program designed to do just that. The Office of First-Year Programs seeks to assist all incoming freshmen and transfer students in adjusting to their first-year experiences at Lee University.

    The faculty and staff of Lee University feel it is important for all first semester freshmen, transfer students, and parents to attend New Student Orientation in order to prepare for their first year at Lee.

    Lee University requires that all incoming freshmen participate in a Freshman Seminar class called “Gateway to University Success” or GNST 101. This freshmen course embodies and expresses the central goals and purposes of the first-year experience. The course introduces students to essential academic skills, the application of critical thinking skills, and a personal Christian worldview to life decisions. It also offers a source of support for new students and an immediate connecting point to peers, upperclassmen, and a professor at Lee.

    After students have reached junior or senior status, they are invited to become part of the Freshman Seminar program as Peer Leaders. First-Year Programs is in charge of recruiting and training Peer Leaders to serve as mentors to incoming freshmen students.

    Transfer students will have the opportunity to connect with a Transfer Student Leader and a group of new transfer students through orientation and transfer activities throughout the semester. Student leadership opportunities are also available for transfer students after completing their first year at Lee University through the Transfer Student Leadership Council. These student leaders meet incoming transfer students at New Student Orientation and serve as resource throughout the first semester and beyond.

    New Student Orientation


    Click here for the Spring 2014 New Student Orientation Schedule.


    All new students entering Lee University in the fall and spring semesters participate in New Student Orientation. This orientation is dedicated to helping incoming freshmen and transfer students become acclimated to Lee University. The Office of First-Year Programs coordinates the orientation process in an effort ensure that students start on the right track during their first few days at Lee. Instructors, Peer Leaders of the Freshman Seminar class, and Transfer Student Leaders serve as guides for students and parents during the orientation process. 

    Transfer Student Services

    The Office of First-Year Programs also serves as a resource for transfer students upon arrival at Lee by providing connections to Transfer Student Leaders, hosting informational sessions, and planning social events specifically for transfer students. The sessions are offered early in the semester and provide useful information and resources to support campus connections for new transfer students. The sessions are free of charge but RSVP responses are requested. You can email your questions and/or suggestions for additional transfer student services to Rochelle Mayberry at