Throughout the school year, Lee University students join together with Co-sponsor Church of God World Missions to focus on special projects where they can be of service and make a difference in the world. Since 1991, one week each year has been set as “Dee Lavender Missions Week.” The 2014-2015 Missions Week is October 6-10, 2014. A variety of ministries and missionaries are invited from across the country to speak in classes and display booths/exhibits so students and faculty can experience a variety of organizations in which they may become involved for summer projects and/or following graduation. The chapel services for the week will focus on the pre-determined established missions project of the year.

    It seems the most profitable fundraiser among the students are t-shirts. A new t-shirt/design is presented to the students at the beginning of each year to raise the awareness level of the established missions project. They are then given the option throughout the school year of purchasing one or more of the t-shirts with all the profits going toward the missions project.

    We are excited to announce the total amount of money raised for the Build A City project in Cambodia last year was: $71,658.22. See “Past Projects” to view the missionaries, ministries, and countries where Lee has helped to make a difference over the past 20 years! The numbers have reached well over $300,000.

    Oftentimes the Office of Campus Ministries will plan a missions trip to visit the site and ministry of the country for which they are raising money. Students can find out more information about the current projects by contacting our office.