Students Represent at TISL General Assembly in Nashville

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Alumni Hero

By Bailey Brents

Lee University recently sent a student delegation to the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature’s (TISL) General Assembly in Nashville, during which Lee President Dr. Paul Conn served as the keynote speaker.

The General Assembly was held in the legislative chambers of the State Capitol. The student delegation consisted of Lee students Bailey Brents, Collin Crookenden, Lerryn Kidd, Timothy Monti, Zach Orrison, and Vania Ratliff.

In the House of Representatives, Brents, Crookenden, Orrison, and Ratliff won an award for distinguished performance of a delegation of representatives. Crookenden also won a Carlisle Award for his exceptional performance as a representative.

Lee was one of 44 Tennessee universities represented, including Middle Tennessee State University, Rhodes College, and Vanderbilt University.

All of the schools participated in activities from Thursday to Sunday, and there was a keynote address by Conn on Friday. Conn shared with the assembly of students the importance of specific leadership qualities and answered questions from the delegates.

TISL is a forum for aspiring college-aged students to discuss ideas and learn about state government, where students have the opportunity to participate in a mock government firsthand.

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Pictured here inside the State Capitol are (left to right) Brents, Orrison, Monti, Kidd, Crookenden and Ratliff.