Encore Students Attend String Theory at the Hunter

Friday, April 25, 2014

Alumni Hero
Lee University Encore students recently attended String Theory at the Hunter Museum of American Art as part of an event planned by a Lee event management class. Encore is an educational enrichment program for people age 60 and above. Pictured here are (front row, l to r) Encore students Mitzi Ownby, Jane Lucchesi, Ina Kagel, Laura Barfield, Carol Kamm, JJ Naurs, Arthur Myers, Beulah Myers, and Coordinator of Community Relations Bethany McCoy; (back row, l to r) event management students Megan Jafari, Zach Brooks, Katelyn Katina, and Katie McConnell. Also pictured are Brooks and Jafari enjoying refreshments at Rembrandt’s Coffee House with the Myers. For more information about the Encore program, or to be added to the mailing list, visit