• Lee University

    Summer honors

  • Summer Honors is an opportunity of a lifetime! It’s two weeks during your summer that can impact your life profoundly. This program provides excellent experiences for you to learn, grow, laugh, and connect.

    As a student in Summer Honors, you get the best of the best academically. You will experience classroom learning opportunities from fabulous faculty members who will be teaching things they love. These professors aren’t dry and starched. They care deeply for students and their learning. In addition, you will learn with peers who are ready to be challenged as well.

    You will grow in many facets of your life through Summer Honors. A special feature of this year’s experience is a focus on what God’s call on your life is and how you need to respond to it. As a result, we want you to progress in your walk with Christ.

    One of the hallmarks of Summer Honors is a full slate of social activities. College doesn’t mean you’re sequestered with your books for four years! Loads of fun things are planned. Whitewater rafting, a formal dinner, an adventure course, and Greek Olympics are just a few things in store for you.

    You will have the chance to get to know 99 other high school juniors and seniors. Imagine returning to Lee in mid-August already having about 75 people you know well. Talk about helping with the transition to college! You get to connect with faculty and staff members who care for you, too. Plus, the two-week experience allows you to acclimate to the beautiful southeast Tennessee area and our beautiful campus. To put it plainly, Summer Honors will help ease your adjustment to Lee University. Why not get a head start?

    Since the program began 25 years ago, we’ve heard a number of phrases from Summer Honors alumni when reflecting on their time with us. Students often tell us this time was life-changing for them. They even ask if they can do it again. In fact, I regularly hear from alumni of the program that it meant so much to them that they’d like to help in any way they can.

    Lee University is a special place, and Summer Honors is a special program. Come be a part of this transformative experience!

    I hope to hear from you soon and to see you in June!

    Mike Hayes