• Lee University

    Summer honors

  • Here’s the Agenda.

    When you are accepted to the program, you will be assigned a Resident Assistant (RA) and a roommate. When you arrive at Lee University, you will be greeted by our staff at registration and members of a courtesy corps who will help you to your room. Then, for two weeks your daily schedule most often will include three meals, a morning and an afternoon class, and evening activities. Whitewater rafting, Greek Olympics, and a formal dinner are some of the events planned. Throughout the two-week experience, you will be challenged spiritually and encouraged to reflect on your calling. All of this is designed for you to live the life of a Lee University student.

    How Do I Qualify?
    To be eligible for Summer Honors, you must meet the following two qualifications:
    1) be a member of the class of 2011 or 2012; and
    2) possess a 3.2 GPA OR have a 24 (ACT) or 1120 (SAT) college entrance exam score.
    Also, you will need to submit a letter from your guidance counselor or school administrator verifying your academic record. We accept the first 100 qualified applicants, so go ahead and make your plans to attend.

    Are These Legitimate College Courses?
    Summer Honors courses are uniquely created for this program and are taught by some of Lee University’s most outstanding professors. These courses are intensive, pass/fail college courses. Upon satisfactory completion of the courses, you will be awarded six hours of academic credit toward your college degree.

    O.K., How Much Is It?
    The cost of the entire program is only $950.00. That is about one-third the cost of the credit hours if you were to take them as a full-time Lee student. This price includes tuition, all meals, lodging, a video, a memory book, travel, and admission to all events. We think you will agree that Summer Honors is a remarkable educational value.