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    Leave No Trace

    Mission Statement:

    Taking care of the beautiful resources that God has given us is a vital part of Outdoor recreation. Each year thousands upon thousands of acres are damaged and destroyed by humans. Fires, erosion, pollution, overuse and carelessness ruin national treasures and threaten wildlife species & ecosystems. All Lee University Campus Recreation practices and teaches Leave No Trace on all excursions. Help us preserve the environment that we are blessed with when you head for the great outdoors.

    Whether a student is an outdoor person or a ‘city slicker,’ the University’s recreation programs offer a variety of opportunities to either taste the outdoors or give a true wilderness adventure. College credit is offered through certain classes. The center offers backpacking, rock climbing, ropes courses, canoe and kayak lessons, and even skiing.

    Educational Credit

    • RECR 132 Outdoor Recreation
      • A general overview of several outdoor activities including rock climbing,backpacking and canoeing. Offered fall and spring semesters.
    • RECR 232 Backpacking
    • RECR 233 Water Based Recreation

    *All of these courses carry additional fees, and students are recommended to meet with the instructor prior to registration. See the university catalog for more information.

    Planning an Individual Adventure
    All activity equipment is supplied by the Recreation Department, but students are allowed to obtain and use their own. Food and clothing, along with related items, are the responsibility of the participant. Students can rent equipment through the Recreation Center.