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  • Special Events Locations

    Centenary Room (seats up to 120)

    The Centenary Room is one of our smaller event rooms. Located in the main Higginbotham Administration Building, The Centenary Room can seat up to 100 guests theatre style, or can fit up to 15 round tables each seating up to 8 guests. The Centenary Room opens on one side to the Lee University Amphitheatre, on the other side to one of our beautiful courtyards, and the entrance opens to the fountain in the front of the building--each a gorgeous location for any photos to be taken to help remember your special event. The Centenary Room is audio-equipped and also includes a drop-down projector screen, perfect for special videos, slideshows, or music during your event.

    Church Street Annex Auditorium (seats 900)

    The Church Street Annex Auditorium is one of our newer buildings that we have acquired. Located on the edge of our campus, The Church Street Annex Auditorium is formerly known as Cleveland’s First Baptist Church. The auditorium (old sanctuary) seats 900 including two side wings and a balcony. Instead of one main center aisle, the auditorium has separated into two aisles centered off of each other. The stage is set with plenty of room for the bridal party, as well as musicians. The entire auditorium is dressed in a rich, deep red color and filled with standard church pews, sure to be a beautiful setting for any wedding.

    Church Street Annex Commons (seats 100)

    The Church Street Annex Commons are a part of the old First Baptist Church property and is connected to the Auditorium, which makes it ideal for any wedding reception. Aside from wedding receptions, the Commons are a beautiful setting for any other special event you have in mind. The Commons are an open room located in the lower part of the Church Street Annex. Up to 100 guests can fit comfortably, theatre style, or up to 15 round tables can each seat up to 8 guests. This room is also perfect for a mix and mingle setting with few chairs and a small bar countertop in the corner--perfect for any food or drink set up. This serving area has a small storage room with a sink that is accessible from behind the counter.

    Ocoee Street Annex Community Room (seats 250)

    The Ocoee Street Annex Community Room is another part of our recently acquired First Baptist Church property. The Community Room seats up to 250 and is directly across the street from the Church Street Annex Auditorium making it ideal for any large reception. The Community Room is a large room with plenty of space for up to 30 tables, and other cake or decoration tables needed. The high ceilings truly open up the room to make any event that much more elegant.

    Lee University Chapel (seats 300)

    The Lee University Chapel is our University’s newest development. Set on the corner of Ocoee and 11th Street, the chapel is a great welcoming sight onto Lee’s campus. The chapel seats 300 total: one center section of 160, two side wings holding 50 each, and the balcony holds another 40. We do allow weddings or other special family events to take place in the chapel.

    Lee University Chapel Contract

    Wedding Regulations

    To learn more about the chapel, click here.

    Science and Math Complex Great Room

    The Great Room is located in a newer addition to Lee’s campus in the Science and Math Complex, dedicated in September of 2010. The Great Room is a large, open room filled with plenty of natural sunlight to fully open the room. The Great Room seats up to 500 theater style, or can fit up to 23 round tables each seating 8. The Great Room has quickly become one of our most popular locations for special events in the short time that it has been open for reservations. The large windows facing our campus allow for a beautiful background to any setting.

    Alumni Park

    Alumni Park is set in the heart of our campus. It is an open, outdoor setting that is beautiful for any event, complete with a gazebo that could add a special touch to your event.

    Lee University Amphitheatre

    The Lee University Amphitheatre is located between the Centenary Room, the new Science and Math Complex, and the Deacon Jones Dining Hall off of the Sharp Pedestrian Mall. It is a smaller outdoor amphitheatre complete with a center stage and seats up to 200 guests.