• Lee University

    Summer honors

  • Courses

    Morning (9:00-11:00 a.m.)

    • Doing Business with the Sharks
      Instructor: Dewayne Thompson, Ph.D.

    • Go...Transforming Communities through Service
      Instructor: William Lamb, M.A.

    • How Different Can This Be?: Human Exceptionalities and Similarities in Relation to Special Education
      Instructor: Trish McClung, Ph.D.

    • Keeping Secrets Secret: The Mathematical Art to Making and Breaking Codes
      Instructor: Laura Singletary, Ph.D.

    • Taking Sides: Psychological Issues
      Instructor: Heather Quagliana, Ph.D.

    Afternoon (1:00-3:00 p.m.)

    • Ancient/Future Worship: How the Bible, Culture, and Personalities Affect the Worship Music of the Postmodern Era
      Instructor: Brad Moffett, D.W.S.

    • The Film Experience: Understanding Cultural Language through the Cinema
      Instructor: Jeff Salyer, M.A.

    • Ignite Education: An Innovative Approach to Teaching and Learning
      Instructor: Jason Robinson, Ed.D.

    • Leadership: Expect Greatness
      Instructor: Mike Hayes, Ed.D.

    • Missional Living: Discovering a Pathway to Destiny
      Instructor: Jimmy Harper, D.Min.