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  • Lee University Teen Talent

    Many talented youth around the world compete in Teen Talent. Those who win or are runners-up in state and regional contests may compete in the International Teen Talent Competition, which is held on Lee University’s campus every other summer. Congratulations to those of you who have made it to this level!

    Teen Talent includes the following divisions:

    • Art
    • Bible
    • Creative Writing
    • Drama
    • Multimedia
    • Music

    Through Teen Talent, youth with skills in these areas can continue to pursue excellence and use them to encourage and inspire others. There are three objectives for Teen Talent:

    • To discover talent
    • To develop talent
    • To dedicate talent

    Teen Talent is more than a competitive activity; it is a ministry of love and guidance to Church of God youth. Competition, coupled with love and constructive feedback, is a strong force in challenging youth to reach their full potential and to express themselves constructively for the glory of God.

    Detailed information about the Teen Talent program can be seen at: Church of God Youth & Descipleship.