• Lee University

    Service Learning

  • Why Serve?

    We believe that each student at Lee University has been divinely equipped with special gifts that can be expressed in unique ways. Through service-learning, students are able to explore and develop their gifts in order to serve Christ, help others, and experience personal growth.

    • Service-learning is a requirement for all Lee University students because:
    • We are supposed to as Christ-followers.
    • We can use it as a spiritual discipline to deepen our walks with Christ.
    • It helps us learn beyond what we normally learn in the classroom.
    • It provides us with opportunities to express our uniqueness and gifts to help others.


    The Leonard Center partners with various organizations to give students the opportunity to engage a high impact learning experience while promoting the mission of community organizations.

    Message to Parents

    Service-learning allows Lee University students to follow a biblical mandate to serve others and their local community. Building on the foundational lessons he or she has learned at home, your son or daughter will experience firsthand the deeply rewarding, far-reaching benefits of serving others.

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