• For the inevitable questions that arise concerning student life at Lee, the following has been prepared for your convenience. Each link below leads to a section with information that you may find helpful.

    What is the mission of this University?

    Lee University is a Christian institution which offers liberal arts and professional education on both the baccalaureate and master’s levels. The foundational purpose of all educational programs is to develop within the students’ knowledge, appreciation, understanding, ability and skills which will prepare them for responsible Christian living in the modern world.

    Why is a Bible minor required?

    Lee University prides itself in its Christ-centered community. The University believes each student should share the professors' knowledge from the Religion Building. The minor will help each student become a well-rounded individual.

    Why is there such a large emphasis on Global Perspectives?

    Lee University focuses on Global Perspectives to better each student's preparation for global interdependence.

    How many degrees are offered at Lee?

    Over 49 degrees are offered at this University. Check out the University Catalog.

    What is service learning?

    Service learning is completed through the Leonard Center and allows students to give back to the community. President Paul Conn says, “That’s what institutions do when they hold a particular value to be deeply important – they require it of their students.”

    What is a Greek Club?

    Greek Clubs are social service clubs on campus uniting and participating in service learning in the community.  Aside from Greek Clubs, over 70 clubs are offered on campus.

    How do I apply for financial aid?

    Many financial aid options are available through our Financial Aid Office.

    How do I apply for Federal Aid?

    Eligibility for Federal Aid is determined by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the Federal Processor.

    What are the qualifications for the Lee University Academic Scholarships?
    • Centennial Scholarship - Scoring ACT 32-36/SAT 1410-1600. Full-time student, standard tuition costs for freshman year. Beginning sophomore year, GPA of 3.0 to 3.69 receives one-half tuition scholarship and GPA of 3.7 and above receives a full-tuition scholarship.
    • Presidential Scholarship – Scoring ACT 27-31/SAT 1250-1400. Full-time student, $10,000 for freshman year immediately following high school graduation and $6,000 for sophomore year. Presidential Scholars can receive the Honor Scholarship if the requirements are met after the freshman year.
    • Dean’s Scholarship – Scoring ACT 24-26/SAT 1130-1240. Full-time student, $7,000 for freshman year immediately following high school graduation.
    • Honor Scholarship – Sophomore, junior or senior, full-time student, with 3.7 cumulative GPA and 30 credit hours completed, $2000 for the following semester.
    How do I pay my bill?

    Students pay bills through the Business Office

    When are payments due?

    Payments are due to the Business Office depending on how you and when you’ve paid prior

    Is there a cost to using the Health Clinic?

    There is no charge for the office visit and insurance is not filed. There are minimal charges for labs, vaccines, and some prescription medications. All over the counter medications and visits are free. A bill owed to the Health Clinic must be paid to the Health Clinic.

    Why live on Campus?

    Some of the benefits of living on-campus include:

    • The relationships that are built in the residence halls and apartment communities
    • Never missing out on the inside scoop of all that is happening on campus
    • Easy access to all buildings on campus – walking distance and trolley access
    • Resident Directors and Resident Assistants who are interested in getting to know you
    • No monthly payments for rent, utilities, etc.
    • No chance of having to pick up the slack from a delinquent or departed roommate
    • Much of the furniture is included in all on-campus housing
    • Not having to sign a lease agreement with a landlord and pay for weeks/months that you do not occupy the apartment (i.e. Christmas, summer
    • Research also indicates that students who live on campus tend to have better grades and are more positively connected on campus than students who do not live on campus.
    • Graduate on time!
    • Where else can you live with hundreds of people your age?Take advantage of on-campus housing while you can. It is also required for all freshmen.

    Take advantage of on-campus housing while you can. It is also required for all freshmen.

    What does the campus look like?