• You've spent a lifetime investing in your child, and now it's time for us to share in that responsibility.

    After years of carefully guiding your children toward adulthood, you're now facing the challenge of helping them find the best college experience possible... an experience that engages their intellect, strengthens their faith, and nurtures their unique talents and interests. One rich with meaningful friendships and life-shaping mentors. One that will equip them for professional success and continued spiritual growth.

    A college experience that allows your child to become all he or she is intended to be.

    Our faculty and staff embrace the call of creating this unique college experience for every student who becomes a part of the Lee University family. Our fully accredited programs of study, diverse extracurricular activities and organizations, and foundational focus on the spiritual well-being of each student will provide your son or daughter with an experience that can be found nowhere else.

    Located in the heart of a comfortably sized college town, Lee University's beautiful park-like campus provides all the amenities your student needs to learn and grow. And though it has the charm of a much smaller town, Cleveland's moderate size ensures students have access to numerous volunteers, internship, and employment opportunities.