• Coalition Against Systemic Trafficking (CAST)
    President: Molly McKenney

    Head Sponsors: Dr. Ruthie Wienk & Dr. Arlie Tagayuna

    The mission of CAST is to educate people on the realities of human trafficking and to take steps to bring an end to this injustice. Our hope is to open people's eyes to the reality that trafficking happens in more than just foreign countries, but that it happens in our own backyards.

    President: Taylor Koch

    Head Sponsors: Dr. Alan Wheeler and Dr. Arlie Tagayuna

    Peacemakers is a student led organization that is dedicated to the use of nonviolent direct action; this is for the purpose of achieving peace and justice on Earth. We believe that God calls us all to be Peacemakers, as stated throughout the Bible, but specifically Matthew 5:9.