• Delight Ministries
    President: Cristina Moore

    Club Email: delightleeuniveristy@gmail.com Faculty Sponsor: Casey Cole

    The official Lee Univeristy chapter of the nationwide organization of Delight Ministries. Our mission is to invite college women into Christ-centered community that foster vulnerability and transforms stories.

    Kappa Upsilon Chi - KYX
    President: Caleb Gifford

    Club email: leeukyx@gmail.com Faculty Sponsor: Dr. McClung

    To glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the maintenance of Biblical Christian standards, influencing the community on and off campus through our servant lifestyle, the pursuit of a positive attitude & spirit, and strengthening each other’s academic achievements; enabling one another to become what the Lord calls us to be.

    Knit Wits/Fiber Arts Club
    President: Katrina Gwynne Cope

    Faculty Sponsor: James and Dayne Frost

    To allow people a place to come and knit and socialize while working for something worthwhile. We also work to teach people how to knit or crochet, both of which are becoming something of a forgotten art.

    President: Macy Brown


    Faculty Sponsor: Dan Buck

    Our mission is to bring joy into the lives of our peers. We use improv to provide students a moment of respite from their classes and busy schedules. Laughter can really be the best medicine.

    The Lee Dreamers
    President: cander11@leeu.edu

    Faculty Sponsor: Joe Daft

    The goal of The Lee Dreamers is to provide an atmosphere for students to engage with one another under the common interest of the Walt Disney Company and participate in movie nights, Disney-related events, and campus-wide social activities. Alongside these social events, the club seeks to connect Disney films to curricular concepts and Christian principles.

    The OutPost
    President: Victoria McCraw

    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. William Simmons

    The OutPost’s mission is to connect with and build each other up through our love and passion of following Jesus and enjoying the outdoors.

    President: Rachel Coats

    Club Email: rachel.coats@vindagua.com
    Faculty Sponsor: Jordan Holt

    In producing personal stories while also bridging the gap between campus and community, Vindagua strives to be a collection of memories, a preservation of each student's years at Lee, and a product of heirloom quality and investment.