• Cru
    President: Faithlyn Hall

    Club Email: shawn.greves@cru.org Faculty Sponsor: Alan McClung

    Cru at Lee exists to create a safe space to connect Christian and non-Christian students to Christ by exploring what it means to have a personal relationship with God; to connect students to God's Word by studying the Bible to see what God says about Himself and His creation; to connect students to God's people that together in Christian community they might find mutual encouragement, edification, and equipping to follow Christ; and, to connect students to God's heart for the whole world in order that everyone, everywhere will know someone who is authentically walking with Christ and who is willing to offer that hope to all.

    Delight Ministries
    President: Cristina Moore

    Club Email: delightleeuniveristy@gmail.com Faculty Sponsor: Casey Cole

    The official Lee Univeristy chapter of the nationwide organization of Delight Ministries. Our mission is to invite college women into Christ-centered community that foster vulnerability and transforms stories.

    Lee Prayer Room
    President: Thomas Lake

    Faculty Sponsor: Rickie Moore

    Intentionally creating a space to pray joyfully, love abundantly, and live boldly.