• Lee University is the home of over 15 spiritual unity organizations. The sole purpose of each of these organizations is to minister to a lost and dying world by showing the everlasting light of Jesus Christ. Not only do they minister to the surrounding community, but they also take the gospel to churches, homeless shelters, etc., all over the United States.

    For more detailed information, please see the spiritual clubs descriptions on the Campus Ministries site.

    Apologetics Club
    President: Andrew Rumfelt
    Email: arumfe00@leeu.edu
    Phone: 865-738-5257
    Head Sponsor: Kevin Snyder   
    Baptist Collegiate Ministries
    President: Savannah Ballard
    Email: sballa01@leeu.edu
    Phone: 423-599-1527
    Head Sponsor: Michael Sturgeon
    President: Faithlyn Hill
    Email: fhill001@leeu.edu
    Phone: 615-491-9597
    Head Sponsor: Alan McClung
    CODE: N/A
     Delight Ministries
    President: Cristina Moore
    Email: cmoore17@leeu.edu
    Phone: 615-881-4972
    Head Sponsor: Casey Cole
    CODE: N/A
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    President: Andrea Bailey
    Email: abaile03@leeu.edu
    Phone: 61-957-9089
    Head Sponsor: Dr. Mike Iosia
    First Love
    President: Emma Scott
    Email: escott00@leeu.edu
    Phone: 540-623-5990
    Head Sponsor: Luidgi Beauzile
    CODE: N/A
    International Music Student Fellowship
    President: Benafsha Ahmadshah
    Email: bahmad00@leeu.edu
    Phone: 423-584-0538     
    Head Sponsor: Austin Patty
    CODE: N/A
     Kappa Upsilon Chi (KYX)
    President: Dewin Davis
    Email: ddavis11@leeu.edu
    Phone: 901-652-9126
    Head Sponsor: Daniel Murch
    CODE: N/A
     Lee Prayer
    President: Kennady Perdue 
    Email: kperdu00@leeu.edu
    Phone: 317-308-8622
    Head Sponsor: Dr. Rickie Moore
    CODE: N/A
    President: Alexis Dehart
    Email: adehar00@leeu.edu
    Phone: 423-310-7634
    Head Sponsor: Dr. Sara Campbell
    Mission Alive
    President: Karina Castro
    Email: missionalive00@yahoo.com
    Phone: N/A
    Head Sponsor: Rolando Cuellar /John Hisey /Edley Moodley
    Music and Worship Club
    President: Melody Williams
    Email: mwilli27@leeu.edu
    Phone: N/A
    Head Sponsor: Randy Sheeks
    CODE: N/A
    Sigma Alpha Omega 
    President: Samantha Smith
    Email: ssmith46@leeu.edu
    Phone: 904-437-7750
    Head Sponsor: Tatum Brinkman
    CODE: N/A