• Each year Lee University Theatre produces four plays in its two theatre spaces, the Dixon Auditorium (seats 500) and the Buzz Oates Theater (seats 150-180). Lee Theatre performances are open to Lee students, the Lee family, and the greater Cleveland, TN community. Tickets go on sale for each show a few weeks before opening night, and the Lee Theatre Box Office resides in the Communication Arts Building. You can call 423-614-8360 or email theatre@leeuniversity.edu for more information.

    A Little Potato and Hard to Peel

    Guest Artist - David Harrell

    September 2016

    Little Potato and Hard to Peel

    A Little Potato and Hard to Peel

    A one-man show written and performed by David Harrell
    September 20, 7:00 PM
    Dixon Center
    All ages.
    Tickets: $5 (Free for Lee Faculty and Students)

    In his warm, smart, and engaging autobiographical solo show, David Harrell delivers a hilarious and insightful look at living with a disability. He was born in southern Georgia, in the 70s, without his right hand. His parents, having never known anyone with a disability, promised he would never be different. He soon realizes, however, the metal hook he wears on his right hand does in fact make him feel different. A Little Potato and Hard to Peel is not so much a show about living with a disability or overcoming the circumstances of his life but the journey to find the awareness to not be defined by limitations. Through his journey we learn to not let ourselves be defined by our own limitations or let the circumstances of our lives peel away the core of our humanity.

    The Christians Play

    The Christians

    Lucas Hnath

    September 2016

    Buzz Oates Theater in Communication Arts Building

    Audiences ages 10+ will most appreciate the play.

    Twenty years ago, Pastor Paul's church was nothing more than a modest storefront. Now he presides over a congregation of thousands, with classrooms for Sunday School, a coffee shop in the lobby, and a baptismal font as big as a swimming pool. Today should be a day of celebration. But Paul is about to preach a sermon that will shake the foundations of his church's belief. A big-little play about faith in America—and the trouble with changing your mind.

    Talkback sessions with School of Religion faculty will follow each performance.

    September 23, 7:30 PM September 24, 7:30 PM
    September 29, 7:30 PM September 30, 7:30 PM
    October 1, 7:30 PM  


    Nathan Jeffrey

    October 2016

    Dracula Play

    Dixon Auditorium located in Dixon Center

    Recommended for ages 12+ for frightening imagery.

    In this new version of the classic horror tale, the original tone and intention of the story is resurrected in order to deliver a profound and disturbingly believable tale of an eternal battle between darkness and light, between hope and despair and between life and death.

    October 28, 7:30 PM October 29, 7:30 PM
    October 30, 2:30 PM November 3, 7:30 PM
    November 4, 7:30 PM November 5, 7:30 PM
    Love's Labour's Lost Play

    Love's Labour's Lost

    William Shakespeare

    February 2017

    Buzz Oates Theater

    Audiences ages 10+ will most appreciate the play.

    One of William Shakespeare's early comedies, it follows the King of Navarre and his three companions as they attempt to forswear the company of women for three years of study and fasting, and their subsequent infatuation with the Princess of Aquitaine and her ladies.

    February 10, 7:30 PM February 11, 7:30 PM
    February 16, 7:30 PM February 17, 7:30 PM
    February 18, 7:30 PM  


    Lionel Bart

    March 2017

    Oliver Play

    Dixon Auditorium located in Dixon Center

    Recommended for all ages.

    The award-winning musical adaptation of Dickens' Oliver Twist springs to life with some of the most memorable characters and songs to ever hit the stage.

    March 31, 7:30 PM April 1, 7:30 PM
    April 2, 2:30 PM April 6, 7:30 PM
    April 7, 7:30 PM April 8, 7:30 PM