• We are always excited when International students choose Lee University. We want to provide resources to make this transition the best and easiest experience possible. We understand that it may be difficult adjusting to a new culture, however below you will find general information about some resources that could be beneficial.

    Diversity on Campus

    The Diversity Council is a student run organization which offers various opportunities for students to be involved in promoting their culture on the Lee University campus. Click here for more information on the clubs. The Cultural Diversity Committee raises awareness of diversity issues on campus and implements programs which highlight minority cultures. This committee is also responsible for creating and implementing a plan for increasing the cultural diversity of the faculty and the student body. Click here for more information on the committee.

    New International Student Orientation (NISO)

    For help transitioning to Lee University, make sure to attend the New International Student Orientation (NISO), which is an event that occurs during New Student Orientation. Dates vary by semester, so be sure to get the information for this session from your peer or transfer leader. At this session, you will receive a handbook, as well as vital information that will help with adjusting to a new school and a new country. The handbook can also be accessed here.

    Global Perspective

    If you were raised or have lived in a foreign country as a young adult for at least 24 months, you will most likely qualify for exemption from the cross-cultural experience. However, contact the Global Perspectives Office at (423) 614-8357 for more information about applying for this exemption. Even if you are exempt, you will still have to take the LEEU-102A: Global Perspectives class. Click here for more information.

    Service-Learning at Lee

    Service-learning is a key aspect of the student experience at Lee University. Students are required to complete 10 service hours per semester that they are enrolled at Lee. For every 10 hours completed outside of a class, a form and a 2-page reflection paper must be turned in to the Leonard Center. If you have specific questions about the service-learning program, you can email the Leonard Center at service@leeuniversity.edu or contact your Peer Leader. Click here for more information.

    International Faculty

    Below you will find contact information for International faculty and staff members that you might find helpful.


    Contact Information

    Admissions Process:
    Renee Williams
    Admissions Office
    Office of First-Year Programs
    Student Activities, Diversity Council, General Student Life:
    Rosie Adams
    Office of Student Development