• The Department of Health, Exercise Science, and Secondary Education prepares students for careers in secondary education, physical education (including K- 12 licensure), fitness/wellness, health education (including K-12 licensure), recreation and athletic training. In addition to major classes, the department offers a variety of activity, sport, and lifetime fitness classes.

    In partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences or the School of Music, students can seek licensure in Art, Bible, Biology, Business Administration, Business Technology, Chemistry, Communication Studies, English, French, History with Economic emphasis, History with Political Science emphasis, Health and Wellness, Mathematics, Music Education with emphasis in Non-Keyboard, Keyboard, and Voice, Physical Education, Psychology, Spanish, TESOL, or Theater.


    Exercise Science

    The Exercise Science degree is designed for students who wish to promote exercise and physically active and healthy lifestyles to serve a wide range of audiences from an individual with Type II diabetes to athletes training to improve performance. Our graduates work in diverse settings such as fitness facilities, corporate wellness programs, and in nutrition and dietetic centers. Students are required to take a nationally-certified professional exam from societies such as the American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Association before graduation. The degree requirements include areas of physiological response to exercise and sedentary behavior, nutritional concerns of the general population and athletes, and studying overall health, disease prevention and reduction in risk factors.

    Exercise Science (EXSCI.BS)
    Exercise Science, Pre-Athletic Training Emphasis

    The Exercise Science degree program with a Pre-Athletic Training Emphasis is designed to prepare students who plan a career in the field of athletic training. This program is designed to meet the latest accreditation standards which require a Masters Degree in Athletic Training to be eligible for the Board of Certification Exam. This program provides students with a core of science course work needed to pursue other areas of health care expertise in graduate schools such as athletic training, physical therapy, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, nutrition, physician assistant, and even nursing. Specialized internships provide unique coursework designed to enhance the student’s ability to succeed in these professional programs. Courses like Pharmacology, Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries, Exercise Physiology I and II, Principles of Advanced Nutrition, and Psychology of Sport, in addition to the science courses, give LU graduates a tremendous advantage during their advanced graduate studies.

    Exercise Science, Pre-Athletic Training Emphasis (EXSAT.BS)
    Health / Wellness

    The Teacher Licensure in Wellness Education (Health/PE, grades K-12) prepares professionals for successful and productive careers in teaching grades K-12. The program emphasizes knowledge of the human body, self-care, and techniques to motivate all students to lead healthy and productive lives. Students are encouraged (but not required) to become certified in both fields prior to graduation.

    Health/Wellness, K-12 Teacher Licensure (HLTWL.BST)
    Physical Education

    A Physical Education degree with an emphasis in Recreation is offered for students wanting to work in various recreational settings. A leadership track prepares students for careers in city and county agencies, YMCAs or on college campuses. A second track focuses on outdoor recreational experiences emphasizing safety, skills, and teaching styles in canoeing, backpacking and several other outdoor venues.

    Physical Education, Recreation Emphasis (PHYED.BS)
    Sports Management

    The Sports Management degree integrates courses from the department along with the Department of Communication Arts and the School of Business. This major prepares students for sports related industries that include professional organizations, intercollegiate athletics, amateur sports organizations, and community sports organizations. Clinical placements and a semester-long internship are negotiated with the student, department, and placement providers to meet the interests and goals of the student.

    Sports Management (SPMGT.BS)


    Coaching MinorExercise Science MinorPhysical Education MinorRecreation Minor

    Health Education and Physical Education endorsements are available for any student in the Teacher Education program.

    Students outside HESSE major or minor programs may also benefit from various sport, activity, and lifetime fitness classes, including Healthy and Effective Lifestyles.

    Graduate Studies in Education

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